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Koufu-ryu Iai-do's Philosophy 

Our sword technique "Koufu-ryu Iai-do" is based on the philosophy that we protect ourselves safely when someone attacks suddenly.

We are practicing to pursue the concept which means the "helping sword", not the "killing sword".

Ishi-sensei will teach you the method for your purpose or goal, considering your age, gender, physical condition.

If you get interested, don’t hesitate to join the class. Have fun!


Kozo Ishii

The master of Koufu-ryu Iai-do.

Born in 1947, Kawasaki.

He established his own way of sword technique "Koufu-ryu" after he learned Omori-ryu and Nakamura-ryu.

He teaches not only the sword technique but many techniques, using short knives, long sticks, and ropes as well.

Masa Aikawa
Teaching staff.
Born in 1969, Fukuoka.
He has practiced Kenpo and Karate for over 20 years and then he joined Koufu-ryu Iai-do.


 You can learn many techniques and the culture behind them.

Contact us.

Thank you!


  3-21-20 kizuki nakaharaku     

  kawasaki kanagawa JAPAN


  Every Sunday 16:00-17:30

 If you want to take lessons week day,

    feel free to contact us please.

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