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大山合宿(Special lesson at Oyama) 28th May 2022

We have special lessons twice a year, in early summer and autumn every year.

We had not had that for 2 years due to COVID-19, but we did it at last!

On the 28th of May, Ishii-sensei took us to Oyama, the mountainside of Kanagawa by his car.

"Kageyu" is one of the Japanese-styled hotels. They have a long history and are famous for hot springs and delicious foods.

Ishii-sensei and Takayama-san.

Kageyu allowed us to use their field behind the hotel. It's like a kind of outside Dojo.

After the warm-up exercise, we practiced the Kata of "Iai" and cut the bamboo with the heavy wooden sword.

Ishii-sensei showed us his original Kata of "Iai" with empty hands, no-sword.

After the lesson, we took hot spings of Kageyu. Then we had a fabulous lunch.

We really enjoyed all of this event. I am looking forward to the next in autumn.


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